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About me

I’m a third-year PhD student at the Department of Linguistics in Vienna. My research field is theoretical linguistics; I’m working mainly on syntax with occasional sidesteps to the syntax-semantics interface. At the moment, my main interest is the CP-domain from a typological perspective, focusing primarily on composite A’/A-probes and cross-clausal A-dependencies (s.a. Hyperraising and Long-distance Agreement). Also, I’m a research collaborator in Susi Wurmbrand’s project on implicational hierarchies in clausal complementation (check out the website, we do cool stuff!) as well as a recipient of the DOC fellowship by the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Beyond my very theoretical field, I’m fascinated by general cognitive science, the human mind, psycholinguistics and all other things related to the question of what kind of creatures we are.

Apart from linguistics, I try to cycle around the world (in small bits at a time), run, climb, hike, ski and swim (pretty much everything as long as it is outside), teach bicycle mechanics to women and am a scout group leader (: